Manchester sighs. Leeds has gone back to sleep,
she did her sighing long ago. Birmingham frets,
worried her northern neighbours will send her to Coventry
(metaphorically speaking) and think of her now
as southern. She feels closer to her northern neighbours
than to that London but doubts they will forgive her.
It’s the end of the line for her.

The great disconnect endures. Here is a new train
of thought, a new track to follow — Manchester,
Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster turn your eyes northwards,
seek out the glorious Scottish mountains,
consider joining forces with your Celtic cousins.
Independence from the south! Everywhere
north of the Trent, join the march to freedom!



Tonnie Richmond

Tonnie Richmond lives in Leeds and has spent many summers as a volunteer archaeologist in Orkney. She has had poems published by Yaffle, Dreamcatcher, The High Window, Black Nore and Dawntreader. Her first pamphlet will be published by Yaffle Press in November 2023.



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