the firedoor is at the end of the corridor
but I always end up with domestic stuff
even if I start with the Bermuda Triangle

what do we get from these communities
I like Barry Manilow     and if the fire alarm
goes we’ll meet outside the Chinese Buffet

and I’ll tick your name off the register
how do they shape & help us     if you
wish     it’s like a hand with eight fingers

what is     the Bermuda Triangle     to take
a comfort break     have you all signed the
register     where people disappear     have

you all signed the register     can you switch
off your mobiles     we’re all just children
with bank accounts     or turn them to silent

what do we contribute     write about something
other than the preponderance of domestic
are we working for change within     then this

broadband is just right    said Goldilocks
the washing-up and irony     toilets opposite
the lifts     what about communities we’re

not involved in     have we all signed the
register then we’ll begin     light through kitchen
windows     write CV’s     from the big old moon

© Steve Waling

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