Don’t Shoot The Messenger



From Don’t Shoot The Messenger  by Saira Viola. All art work reproduced with  permission from UB books


Honky Tonk Zappa

Fishnet stockings and thigh cut skin tight leotards
Not for Sunday ballet but leggy lip synched cabaret,
Carbon copy hotties strut and jiggle butt the stage
As Japanese tourists stand bemused and politely wave
An acid kangaroo and talking parrot box the night away

Cocktails on hand he twiddles the red knob
Jam packed non stop floor to ceiling rock
Plush smut smirks and six pack laughs
From slime a dime celebs and grazing porn giraffes

It’s the best thing in the world
There’s three cock wallets to every blow back girl
Cyber programmed lighting for Casanovas on speed
Electric kisses super charged by erotic slot machines
The hurdy gurdy circus parade plays all night long
As tuxedoed hair toupees troll the money song
Shangri la fever burn out guaranteed
Exit left stage right zap the guillotine!


Saira Viola


artwork courtesy of UB
Underground books


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