Drawing the Line

Buy low and sell high
The price is what you’re willing to pay for it
Even under duress
Yes well is it three for you and three for me
Or some other conceit entirely
Maybe you have special needs
And maybe it’s not all bluster
Isn’t the removal of rules
A cause for new rules
How about traffic signalling
Or air traffic control
Or subway routing and timing
Well the trains run on time
They used to say
What you seem to be saying
Is that you don’t like the suite of rules right now
But won’t we still need referees and umpires
Hang the bloody DJ
Maybe I just grew tired
On you insisting you could tell me what to do
What gives you the right
Who put you there in the first place
It’s not conspiracy theory
A rule of thumb
Can be a useful thing
I just can’t get reconciled
To you claiming access
To all the rules that matter
This is my space
I have every right
Rules are a work in progress



Clark Allison
Art: Rupert Loydell






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