Dream Fractals I

      I saw all the mirrors on Earth and none of them reflected me. – Jorge Luis Borges


     In the mind’s eye a Dream Fractal is a way of seeing infinity.
     Imagine a dreamscape. Now imagine a transformation – take the centre section of a dream, attach a secondary dream, identical but a third the size. The result is a star.
     Take the clear outline of the new dream and repeat the transformation. It seems absurd and yet it is an exact analogue of what is now understood about geometrical dreams and the coastline of (say) England, continually threatened by mirrors.
     There is a kind of relativity in which, as usual, the position of the observer, near or far, affects the dream.
     Variation between dreams is not arbitrary, like the variation between mirrors.
     Variability follows certain rules and differences between dreams means that a different sort of image remains fixed. In the case of Dream Fractals it is the mirror image, a nostalgic constant that can be used in other dreams: this re-normalisation provides a shortcut into extremely dense clusters of problems, acting as though a quantity of awareness is not fixed at all.
     Such quantities seem to float up and down depending on the mode consciousness from which they are viewed.
     Take another dreamscape and repeat these transformations.
     As always, the result will be a star.

                          THE WAVE FUNCTION OF ALL DREAMS

                                                   Dream Fractals II

      Work with Dream Fractals may allow us to find the wave function of all dreams everywhere; all our dreams. A wave function is the hyper-embodiment of a fractal dream system. It treats the radius of a dream as analogous to the position of a sub-atomic event, and its rate of expansion as analogous to the event’s momentum in Fractal Space.
      This Fractal Space, the super-dream, is an abstract plenum that contains all possible oneiric geometries and, therefore, all possible dreams. Compare the super-dream of Fractal Space to an infinite warehouse containing one example of every conceivable dream, each stacked next to the ones that most closely resemble it in shape.
     The wave function of all dreams would, if correctly formulated, select the actual oneiric geometry out of all the dreamlike spaces because it incorporates the idea that the Dream Fractal is completely self-contained. There is nothing outside the dream.
     The boundary condition of the dream is that there are no boundaries.
     The ‘no boundary’ aspect of dreams arises from a set of fractal geometries that place the dream and the non-dream on equal footing. The result is that ‘reality’ emerges internally from the plenum of the super-dream, rather than being imposed from without.
     By doing away with any initial state of dream, or non-dream, this method also dispenses with the hypothetical initial non-dream or any primal state of waking. It is suggested that even non-dreams may incorporate improbable states, not just probable events at the sub-atomic level. Therefore there is no moment of waking. Rather, the existence of an oneiric ‘event’ is a consequence of the fractal geometry.
     By avoiding the initial hypothetical state we may hope to develop a coherent account of all dreams and all realities (or quasi-realities) contained within them.
     It is perhaps unnecessary to warn that the wave function does not explain the origin of ‘reality’ or even the origin of dreams. It represents only closed dreams – that is, spherical ones, those dreams in which omega is equal to or greater than one.
     The greatest challenge is to measure fractal densities and rates of expansion for open-dreams; dreams outside the super-dream but still defined as either ‘real’ or ‘un-real’. In that way the indeterminacy of the Dream Fractal itself may, finally, be understood.
     However, Dream Fractals can exist only as indeterminate probabilities. Therefore we must enlarge our frame of reference to grasp how the apparently waking world of observable reality seems to have emerged from the Fractal Universe in something like the way that the hyper-embodiment of a chaotically billowing cloud formation may turn into a sudden downpour on a Sunday afternoon.


© A C Evans

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