But look! Displacement of spectral lines Awww! How about that! Apart from the difficulties discussed, this is the maximum so you proceed to the Centre. Whoa! It’s been rubbish hasn’t it?

Characterised by the fact that a spherical surface – now what? Hiya kid! Yeah, really… so-so… waiting very anxiously certain considerations suggest this is not over yet, we need a bit of a drum-roll – don’t go anywhere! The continuum is everything – so let’s ride! Hello everyone what a nail-biter that was! We’re having a frank conversation – interested? Wacky moments, hell’s bells and whistles (serious stuff) fast-forward to now and the journey of a lifetime. So let’s get to it and keep it fun! First I looked into those pale blue pools: beyond the winged eyeliner I saw high altitude vapour trails and scattered fair-weather clouds. Now take us off-grid and to the very edge. Oh! Wow! This is gorgeous! I mean it’s been amazing! Totally bonkers! A five-star experience! Well, that’s about it from me. Ok, interesting. The name is found nowhere else dense tangled thicket evolving in various directions, but out on the high street nothing unusual was going on girls dancing men throwing things diverted traffic They can’t be wrong can they?

Meanwhile the world is watching for some full-on fun a frantic operation new research suggests.

There’s a bit of a buzz here now. We reflect on a day like no other, the emotional roller coaster we’ve been on elegant chic and affordable not so off-the-grid, but some quite treacherous conditions. Exactly what? Find out why find out how. The list is not exhaustive but strangely this frontier district is sometimes haunted by a mysterious stranger, a rookie agent.

From where?  

The other side?

Urgent calls for more action, new challenges, a new and better life: crises shockwaves dramas transit custom plug-in hybrids with street value and kerb appeal; we couldn’t rule out the odd rumble! That’s one to watch – actually we’re really very excited.

Pressure? Well, plenty. (Ouch!). Grab your popcorn! The action starts here!

And we can bring you the latest! Oh right – how are things? It’s been called a perfect storm it’s been called a dream story or whatever it’s so shocking as to impress at first glance; a very alarming incident with flashing images an absolute howler with distressing details, and there’s a big buzz around a day filled with confusion and horror. So, we’ll be going on a journey to find out why chasing down answers, hearing about the challenges: and we’ll be asking why a lot more needs to be done. Yeah that is amazing! Stay with it? Heck, yes. And you know what? They did. The question now arises: what does this all mean for us? Even if the mood music is more positive many scenes will shock some and dismay others. We’ll examine the impact on low-budget whodunits on poetry-in-motion, on fancy-free dough-balls and on choosing the right path in life – or whatever. But, look – for the crème de la crème – for the speed freaks and for gym managers it’s a game of who blinks first. How does that make you feel? It’s just so exciting I’m nervous already! Impossible to tell from the body language, yet it’s striking to see weird concrete forms emerge as spooky icebound spirits – all mist and murk and ill fog – it’s a jaw-dropping entrance – or whatever. Hello! Hellooo! How’s that for a cheeky little bonus? When life gets messy press firmly to activate, yeah, absolutely!

Crack open the fizz! Take it forward and slowly get a wriggle on hit the groove and what else? Game on! Weeee! And you know what? You didn’t cry, so well done. Yep, next question – or whatever: will lessons be learned? Absolutely! Yes absolutely! One hundred percent! Well let’s try – this is where it’s at – or whatever no worries! One! Two! Three! Be seeing you! What are you talking about? How serious do you think this is? All together now! One! Two! Three! Sorry we have to leave it there but do join us next time. Stay cool. Ding! She was zesty – gorgeous – original One of the must-haves of the season bo-ho chic smart-dolly crochet hat foot-stomping go-go power razor laugh free range legs in-yer-face gags and gaiety.

What’s the mood there? Powerful conflicting emotions far out and way up: talk us through that really that performance was the edge of freedom hit the dance floor, take stock, test the limits Intercept our suspect – kiss and run an out-of-this-world experience. Tell us a little more Ding! I don’t think so how much more do we know? Well… let’s be clear yhe indicators at this time show it’s still a challenge no doubt about it we’ll be giving it our best shot Look! See! Nice! (canned laughter). So profoundly moving, our darkest secret well let’s face it; what happens next? Ziiip! Twang! Whoosh! Searing scenes and candid comments, continuous flashing images and – Pow! Yes! What a moment! Exciting! Exciting! This is really hard to watch. You get my drift? Ding! So perverse and bewildering a very difficult balancing act nut still the hot favourite posing with a retro arcade machine They’re watching and they’re waiting and it’s not over yet make it magical an absolute gem! A life-changing encounter for all so we couldn’t be more excited than that. We’re on it! Let’s do it! Yeah how? Have a great evening, bye bye. On the go? Yeah! Always! So back to the here and now: we’ve highlighted the pressure right? Re-tune your no-holds spin-off drama Get off my toe you idiot! We were a couple of stylish geezers Skirt-crazy thrill-seekers melting hearts chasing down answers and – oh yeah! Looking for Pom Pom Club clubbers nubiles on the razzle – phwoah! Time to splash the cash right? Thought you’d never ask! Doncha love that Pina colada chill-out experience?

Ha! Ha! So what’s going on? I’m good! You? Laugh or cry? Smarten up your day no visible lines here’s the latest pop-up production sort of orbiting space junk unintentionally weird a big bold move – yet it’s more of the same oohs and aahs, hugs and tears, flounces – crikey!

Bring it on! Cummin’ up! Voila! Tres bien! It’s a people thing – how about that? Well that’s when the magic happens and it’s spine-tingling stuff! You gotta feel it to believe it right? Quite a pivotal moment – yeah well hi there! Cheesy grin thanks very much! It’s a day of mixed emotions almost amusing let’s take a look: lot of nerves jangling here Very tense situation – what more do we know?

A space storm warning from left-field I know this is a big ask just bring yourself to tell a surprising and untold story or whatever tempting? Just talk us through on stilts that was quite bizarre but we are where we are right? If you squint you can see from those crazy pictures roots branches knockout shapes and shadows night has fallen so just go with the flow no let-up in pressure on those regular updates Nu Disco invisible mending and a cuddly toy it’s the way of the world doncha know Technicolour Vista Vision opens every day human drama dodgy cigs shocking blue films to flip your vibe more sizzle makes it easy! Hurry! Hurry! Where’s the pause button? See you in court ducky – oh right ok ok ok this demands a moment of celebration an up-to-the-minute snappy-clappy chat well I said to them I said it’s what we do! That’s it! Back to you!




AC Evans




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