Fallen leaves ashen branches
Candy cream by nightswim high
Pinky promises candyfloss gardens
My beautiful headlines floor
Penguins swarm around
A lethe ward booking river
My mushroom floor
Icy clouds roadside shadows
Horses catching for the cherry blossoms swim
Newly renovated daydreaming gardens
Nothing to do with reality bites
For smacking paperflowers high
From the ceiling top
Little bunnies and Alice dream
Down the rabbit hole dream
For moonstone and ruins of paper work
My eyes fleck
Raining hard over the open skies
Purple hibiscus disc and tulle flowers
The nightstand of fallen leaves
Potential for the first time
Trying my Cinderella shoe.


Sayani Mukherjee




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One Response to Dream

    1. Very nice. Shiny piece of work.

      Comment by Sushant Thapa on 5 November, 2022 at 7:25 am

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