Even the parents see the coach’s son won’t make a goalie.
It’s the final and we know we’re going to lose again.
The ring that fell in the garbage is already at the dump.

“I have friends who are Mexicans.” “I know some very nice Muslims.”
We may say history is the tale of building and tearing down walls.
But what do you propose we do about the walls inside us, Mr. Trump?

A thousand years, and feudalism lives on
hidden in the peasants’ “pig,” the conquerers’ “pork.”
What secrets don’t show up in a Panama Papers data dump?

When Socrates declared he knew nothing, where did that leave
those men of the City who claimed to be so smart?
He drank their poison and waited, aware their charges were trumped.

In school we stood in the hallways in hushed lines.
Today I nearly rear-ended a guy who stopped before the light turned yellow.
They had re-assured us, but they’re still cleaning toxic waste at the ammo dump.

Look, America, I miss my youth, too — but nostalgia or a fling
with a sweet-talker won’t bring it back. Life’s no game,
but in Spades, when you can’t follow suit, you break with trump.

Thor Bacon

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