We and certainly you, have really not been around that long, it will take you 5 minutes on the internet to learn the numbers, 14 thousand million years ago, 4 thousand million, 200,000, 6000 years ago and today.

All figures are approximate and will have a margin of error but I think my point is solid.

Also, from what we can see today, the earth seems the only place in the universe there are us.

If there is a god, a creator, and humans were made as the image of this creator, then it seems odd to me that there are not more of us, the universe is mostly fucking dust. Dust seems to have been the priority, not people.

That’s not to say Dust is as important as us. Of course, it isn’t, just because there is way more of it.

If there is no god then maybe all humans are freaks of the universe. None of us should have ever been here and none of us should be here now. The good news is that over those 6000 years we have been working tirelessly on seeing to that. From the first monkey to sharpen a stick to a monkey today with his, probably his, fat stubby finger on a red button.

Our sun will of course see to it, eventually. All the freaks will burn or something like that, I am told.

In the meantime, we are here. 

And every human has the right to be here too. Every human has every right you have. Every human. Every right. You are not special and neither are they. They have nothing to prove and neither do you. 

So many of them, 7500 million. And a lot are not like you surely? 

Look at the colour of their skin, the shape of their eyes, their hair. Look at the food they eat, the clothes they wear. Listen to the nonesense they talk, the lies they pass as truth. They are not like you. You are not like them.


They are human, they are all you have. All we have is each other, if you think you have more in common elsewhere in the universe, good luck to you. Really, go look.

And if you just can’t stomach getting along with other humans, then if there are enough of you and there seems to me, to be more and more of you these days, then you will win. 

Or rather, Dust will win. The lifeless earth will fit right in. God’s work will be done. He fucking loves Dust.



Nathaniel Fisher
Illustration Ava Daniels 

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