Dynoline II

enigmatic forms of the way a head.Judo kindness jade piquant. Spem in alium, Thomas Tallis said, forget me not, his enemy said forgive me for I know not what, The circles are free like a breezy diamond,. Leaping with biblical salmons. All flash is not necessarily atomic gas. Do unto others,  diamond transparent . Chariot Peacock. Synchronised uncertainty. Sweet lies. An inversion of social rules as open and resolute as disparity. Decriminalise the Elite. Ruined by American barbarity and millions more will. Mammon rules every other supermarket in christendom. The banality of a new world is at hand. Snakes eyes each throw.. Exoteric agreement thigh to thigh. Who keeps changing this nautical speedwagon? Me, so? The certainty of madness is not so certain.  International Times is graffiti not embroidery. We don’t beg, we don’t pay, we don’t charge. The youth need waking up. theres six weeks left. ‘Globalise eco-groats as currency’ says John O’Groats in radical erection bid. ‘Not only a fair but a square meal for all!’ News Flash…Aliens admit they don’t exist.  What you see on the ground is a circular truth of two dimensions .  Midlands Guru says Bondeloora snikle mybrose anslumine pogesturm. Does acid jazz ? Stoned reveries. Like The Bird doing skeins of syntax, arpeggios of anthrax, underground rivers. La di da. His legacy outstrips him. Actors need angels too. Think while its still unpopular/illegal/impossible. ¡hasta la victoria! ……un dialogo intenso a favor de la naturaleza en armonía con la sociedad……La lute noir. The obvious degradation of being into having. IT is an inter-notional lexicon. Looking forwards we dare not lose our unflinching parsimony. Belladona beach party, surf king discovers God’s always on the move, discovering fabrics. Someone should be punished, everyone else is. The only thing worth achieving is you.

The Crew


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