Easy Verses For Difficult Times


This conceptual poetry book in three parts documents David Erdos’ recent visit
to the Babylon Festival of International Arts and Cultures,
held every year in Saddam Hussein’s vacated palace in Iraq.

“An exotically cathartic, soul searching love story. David Erdos has music in his veins, poetry in his soul and love on his mind, all brilliantly exposed like photographic flashes on the pages of this book.”  International Times

“This is transporting. What a wonderful whirlwind of a book. It’s quite an achievement.
Terrifically atmospheric …….a rewarding, penetrating and often
breath-taking ride.” Heathcote Williams

“David Erdos is a vital part of our 21st century counter-cultural connectome, skittering across the literary landscape like a bead of mercury and leaving freshly-soldered synaptic linkages in his wake. If it’s a matter of importance, synthesis, or beauty, then Erdos is there to document, dissect and celebrate: an enthralling chatterbox of the human condition.” Alan Moore

“A poetic journal of a unique journey full of great observations
and heartfelt human feelings.” Pete Brown

“Brilliant poems.” Robert Montgomery

“Out of his travel bag notebooks, six days of impressions come pouring into the pages of this book, a kind of fever-journal of dream and wonder, a sensual map of the heart, a Babel made of notebooks full of words, a Baedeker of love.” Jeff Young

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