‘Elements’ in the House of Light


Some words and photos from this current exhibition: Alan Dearling

In a recent visit to Madeira I spotted a poster for the International Photo Exhibition ‘Elements’ – at the highly appropriately named, ‘House of Light’.  The photo show was housed on the upstairs mezzanine floor at the Museu da Electricidade – Casa da Luz (Electricity Museum – House of Light). It’s located near the famous Mercado dos Lavradores (Funchal’s Farmers Market) and the cable car base near the harbour.

This was organised by UNITED PHOTO PRESS, supported by the UN Environment Programme. Here’s what they say about it in their publicity:

“The exhibition ‘Elements’ gives us another the look at the arts, their contexts, their intra and extra-artistic relationships, their conceptual strata, promote an endless game of statements in which the dense production of meaning constitutes the predominant gesture. It tries to sketch a joint portrait of the arts and the issues that cross the reflection of the different cultural acts of United Photo Press artists from various parts of the globe. The exhibition shows the importance of dialogue between art and other related areas, so that thinking about new stories and new meanings of creative mixtures can be broadened…”

And, here’s a video for the exhibition complete with an exhilarating soundtrack. Well worth watching!


The following is a selection of photos that resonated with me. Plus one of my own photos of Surveillance Society graffiti, which is actually located just a couple of hundred metres from the exhibition. It seemed to fit in with the overall theme. Sadly, during my half hour visit to the United Photo Press show, I was the solitary visitor. A shame. It includes some powerful and thought-provoking images.



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