Enlightenment at 3 a.m.


the economy only, monopoly money now,
the value of assets,
decided with a wink and a nod,
health, long ago down the rabbit hole,
the Mad Hatter,
a gray haired creature,
incoherent and incompetent,
babbling on endlessly, while no one listens anymore,
science now,
decided and discovered,
by the number of votes a concept receives,
global warming, a bogeyman,
it exists, but is it all bad,
white coated scientists,
still living with mom and dad,
throwing tantrums like the children they are,
the truth,
we are already fucked,
stopping global warming,
only a big fucking ‘wet’ dream,
it always has been,
except for the fringe nerdy types,
choking on their own superiority,
and intellect,
government and science,
behind the curtain,
not the “Great Oz”,
just sad, sad little men,
full of themselves, their own importance,
and the confused shit of the times,
they mistook for knowledge.

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