Erotic Sin



I’ll exist forever in your soul,

If you nourish me with your essence

And bandage me inside the ruby-velvet of your heart.

Letting me drink your nectar,  this sinful potion…

You’re my devilish tempter, you kidnap my senses,

You stroke my fleshly desires,

You stoke the sacred fire, you sweeten Eden’s honey

Creating a natural longing

Like the dew that desires the erotic curves of a flower –

Sliding wet across its creamy, pearly petals.


You’re my guardian angel, you protect me,

I am only yours –

Let me be your creature lying in your cocoon

Of enveloping wings, white like the milk from Eve’s breast

In a shell of soft sin, between silky sighs.

Let the ethereal butterfly of pleasure we rise

In sensual flight, to that silvery cloud of spun sugar

From where the Gods observe and learn

About the human love that makes us immortal.



Drawing and poetry : Elena Caldera

Translation : Heathcote Williams





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