Father Time


Father Time has a very fine pedigree

His face it stretches from sea to sea

He’s a Nobel Laureate spreading joy around

Warning us, applauding, discovery unbound


Grandfather clock, soft metronome corner

The hour strike startles little Jack Horner

Supper at 6, Christmas pie on his table

Better get eating, while he’s still able


Pelican treasure ship, pirate saint Francis, Drake

Adventurer Cook, Discovery, keeping life awake

Time waits for no one, that’s what they say

Pleased to go gentle into this good day


My pattern is set by Francis Bacon

Order the chaos inside my aching

Desire to prove I’ll reach you now

With charm and beauty; my sacred vow


Music to your ears, drink wine, awake

The butler he preens and dresses my cake

Speak to me, pleading, to the mother of reason

Time with you here; not a short season


Little child, I’m under 30 and you trust me

Father time, over 80, now the wise man. See!

And in-between I slave and slip; do you believe?

My dancing, flowers in my hair, I’m alive


How many ways to build this fine castle

When given 3 or 4 minutes by that rascal

Time waits for no man, not me or you

So, dance to the music, play the revue


The curtain is waiting, with me in the wings

I’m the top Top Cat, who brazenly stings

Father time, I pass the baton, unwind, lie down

Before I go, rejoice, let you wear that crown 


©Christopher 2017/2020   [email protected]  

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