There is always a dead woman, somewhere.
Sometimes there is a knife, or gun,
or a fist.

The means are immaterial.
The world drips with beauty

yet this.




Tonnie Richmond
Picture Nick Victor


Tonnie Richmond lives in Leeds and loves Orkney, archaeology and gin. She has had poems published by The Storms, Black Nore, Up!, Dreamcatcher, Dawntreader and many others. Her first pamphlet, Rear-view Mirror, was published Yaffle’s Nest in November 2023.




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One Response to Fists

    1. Tonnie, this is an excellent cri de coeur, which should compel the immediate attention and resolve of all of we men of good will. It is a terrible indictment of this unpromising twenty-third century that such cruelty against women still persists amidst such beauty, and this passionate poem deserves the widest audience as possible.

      Comment by Mark Hyne on 9 December, 2023 at 2:57 pm

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