Flag:  Don’t tread on me:  Jan 6th 2021


Are you sure it was Antifa who trampled
a woman to death
holding this flag?
You say it wasn’t you with swastikas
beating Capitol police with stars & stripes
You aren’t racists who
wave confederate flags
wear MAGA hats
The girl wearing hearts on her pink tee
didn’t point &  shout nigger at a black policeman
No one was a terrorist carrying a noose
for Pence & a rifle to blow out Pelosi’s brains
no one planted pipe bombs
or used zip ties
recorded videos
chanting  Stop the Steal 

It was you  your loyalty to Trump misplaced
scaling the wall bringing disgrace
needing to bury senators & leave no trace
hating your neighbours but still saying ‘grace’
and isn’t that a gun in my face?





Kathleen Strafford


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One Response to Flag:  Don’t tread on me:  Jan 6th 2021

    1. Great poem!

      Comment by Tom Wiersma on 25 May, 2021 at 1:39 pm

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