Flange Circus (Live!)

Alan Dearling at an evening of musical nightmares!

The Flange Circus is famous for, “Sinister soundscapes, half-forgotten folk tales and frightening short stories…” It’s what they call hauntronica. The advance publicity dubbed their short tour of gigs in Sheffield, Manchester and Todmorden as  an opportunity for them to come out to live audiences offering, “…an unnerving concoction of electronics and the phantasmagorical… dark and doomy elegies to the Otherworld… amping up the suspense to bring forth the fear as they create the soundtrack to nightmares you’ve forgotten you had endured – until now.”

Here’s what Alan posted on his Facebook page after the gig:

“Attempted to take photos at the Flange Circus/support from Bjørn Felle gig, upstairs at the Golden Lion in Todmorden last night. Thanks to Analogue Trash for the invite. I was well impressed with the hauntronica, the dark weirdness of Flange Circus. Scary sounds and images – very Wicker Man! The sound balance for Flange Circus was great. Unfortunately, (personally) post-Covid and hospitalisation/major surgery – I cannot cope with the smoke machine rolling out noxious vapours. And, it makes it hard to take photos too.”

 A few images, not AI, (but they’ve definitely been through the Photoshop!).

Flange Circus mix Pagan folklore with krautrock electronics, and plenty of heavy-weight electronics, found sounds, film back-projections from old horror films and ancient rituals, plus a sort of Can-meets-rave vibe! Esoteric, and thankfully hard to pigeon-hole musically. Think: intensely sinister supernatural techno, cinematic psychedelic electronica. Music from the underworld of Cryptologies. Disturbing stuff! Video of Flange Cricus, ‘It’s a Tree’: https://www.analoguetrash.com/video/flange-circus-its-a-tree

In the support slot was Bjørn Felle, a solo purveyor of experimental electro. In a recent RGM interview Bjørn explained :

“I’m a singer/songwriter and producer of electronic music. At the moment the music I make is variously industrial, synthwave, psychedelic and experimental. I’m really into making degraded sounds like the ‘broken VHS’ vibes of TVAM.” He added that, “Nowadays I play keys, bass and vocals, write lyrics, and produce weird idiosyncratic EDM.”


Because of his breathing problems and his eyes running from the effects of the smoke machine, Alan watched only about half of the two sets, so he chatted with his musician friend, Dave Walker (photo left), after the gig to get another perspective on the overall show.

Alan: How would you describe Bjørn’s set and his music?  

Dave: Extremely musical and well produced tracks accompanied by some skilful keytar playing while singing into a cavernous reverb. Lots of fun and great humour. His forty minute set just flew by.

Alan: I had real problems with my breathing and eyes with the smoke machine… I met other people who left early. Here is one comment: “Sorry I had to leave earlier than expected, my eyes were not coping well with that smoke machine – great night otherwise though!” Any views? 

Dave: Smoke machines don’t bother me with breathing or my eyes but you’re not alone having problems with them – I wonder how much is down to whatever formulation is used?

A bit of fog is great when lasers are involved and can create a great atmosphere provided it doesn’t fill the entire room. In a small venue this is almost inevitable, and can make photography quite tricky. I suppose the best compromise is small short bursts, and let the fog disperse completely before the next.

Alan: How did you and your friends enjoy Flange Circus?

Dave: They certainly live up to their name – lush flanging synths and guitars over a foundation of very danceable beats, loved it.

One friend enjoyed it so much they attended all three nights they played (on tour). Another bought what seemed like all their merch.

Alan: Any thoughts about the Flange set?

Dave: Great sound and great visuals. Liked the way they used drones and soundscapes to link songs together, so there was never any awkward silence while they got themselves ready for the next part.

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