There is nothing surprising in the South African National Prosecuting Authority’s prosecution of the massacred miners for murder. The union in question is not owned by the ANC. This is unthinkable to a totalitarian party which believes it owns the proletariat.

The ANC started life as a Communist Party front organisation. All they were ever expected to do was to follow the party line. They were not designed to think for themselves. The National Prosecuting Authority is doing what Stalin taught them to do. Like every other member of the Russian International Comic Movement and, incidentally, the sea squid, they have attached themselves to a rock and digested their brain as an economy measure.

They exist, like every other government, simply as a gymnasium in which we can tone up our sense of pity. Don’t for a moment imagine what is happening is only happening in South Africa. It’s happening here. We have nothing to lose and the world to gain.

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