For description and discussion




For description and discussion

1. A burnt-out tank

2. A crying child

3. A murdered woman

4. Abandoned houses

5. Empty streets

6. Messages passed hand-to-hand

7. Poems scribbled on scraps of paper

8. Cold ashes

9. Words blowing in the wind


Political reform

a flattened and
vanishing perspective

market economy
shot to pieces

ruined houses
full of strangers

neighbours missing
life shrivelled up

knowledge absent
blank newspaper pages

love a secret
kept to oneself

our only friend


Seven soundtracks to the revolution
1. The wolf howling at the moon

2. Laughter and the clink of glasses

3. Machine-gun fire in the dark

4. Sobs and heartfelt pleading

5. Knife blades softly slitting throats

6. The slow drip of blood from the dying

7. Stumps of tongues in wounded mouths


Edita Albahari
Illustration Nick Victor

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