Fox News List Sonnet

zzzzzFox News List Sonnet [*]

Fox News: shit that sticks to the bottom of shoes
Fox News: facts and figures to ignore and abuse
Fox News: slobber at the end of an afternoon snooze
Fox News: sensationalist suggestion that simmers and stews
Fox News Deadline: better on time than the truth you lose
Fox News: aberrant cell from the primordial ooze
Fox News: detection that ignores all of the clues
Fox News: bits and pieces a piss-artist spews
Fox News: polka appropriation of genuine blues
Fox News Headline: Terrorists Not Iceberg Sink Titanic Cruise
Fox News: candourless in cunning this Canidae eschews
Fox News: determined only in the lies they choose
Fox News: whose existence corrupts poetry’s muse
Fox News: so shit lining bowls of unflushable loos

© Mike Ferguson
Pic: Mike Lesser

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