Hello to all of you! It might be ironic:
Traffic noise ‘off stage’ music, revolver shots
Civic functions and ceremonies
All effortlessly combined and (freak doubt)
Subjected to experiments by scatter-brained socialite
Lana Driver: Life doesn’t get much better than this!
She called him Strange Rover – where’s he going?
Where did he come from? Who the hell is he anyway?
Scene-stealing hot jockey violence flashing images
Masked by rotating shutter – twitching
Movement of limbs upper right hand corner
Of picture (ooh kinky!) What’s the mood there?

Wooaaa! Go girl! YeeeOUCH!
Giggles uncontrollably: so now what?
She rocked slogan knickers like
Please Hug Me
Naughty Nice
Kiss My Ass
Dirty Girl
No Hot Ashes
Wi Fi Here
Watch Your Step
Hey! What are the chances?
Tsk! Tsk! Oh behave!

Elaborate forms of life carried out
In the style of recent trends – over to you!
It speaks volumes! Oh yes it does!
Viewers wore coloured spectacles
(Right eye green left eye red)
Had to undergo another drastic change
Well there’s plenty of reaction! Oh my!
Oh no! What do I do now? Spooky chic
Torrid nail-biter that’s the way to do it
I think we’re good to go you creep!
Ok that’s about it from me (chirpy tone)
Do have a lovely afternoon. Stay tuned!





AC Evans





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