Kites run away
The vast blue torpedo
Summer’s wintry song
The spring zest
All nonchalantly blue
Sometimes reddish in a murky way
Long roads lead to nowhere
Petals lose their appetite
Keeps the token in a sugarcane
A safebox to point out my fault lines
Where do i reside after giving all my springs
Gigantic metropolis and a narrowed
Truth hides in volumes
Still adrift In the world sky
National treasure too pointy to mark out
My locked treasure map
Feathers pigeons know the truth
Nature is brave enough
It wears the heart out loud
My simplicity is a facade
Murmuring safety pins amongst ruins
Tobacco pink promised land
The utopia of crime and punishment
A beaded paradox
Maya dipped my simple smile
It knows how to be brave enough
My feathers are free.




Sayani Mukherjee.
Picture Rupert Loydell

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