From My Window’s Eye


From my wooden window,

The snow outside

Is like the arrival of spring.

I can endure the snow

As long as I can understand 

The world from a window.  

Life looks messy

My window changes my heart.

The observation from it

Is what I seek to behold.

My world otherwise,

Fitted in a room

Seeks a vantage point.

I see thousand birds,

Flying like kites of togetherness.

I want to leap

And kiss the sky.

Nature sees

A delicate flower blooming,

I want to see the same flower and

Be mesmerized by its delicate fragrance.

I want to keep that fragrance

And let it knock

The big door of my memory.  

The hearth of the concrete world,

Is cold from inside.

Out there through the window

I hear nature calling me.

Every beautiful soul

Captures the mesmerizing essence slowly,

Outside the window. 





Sushant Thapa 
Biratnagar-13, Nepal 
Picture Nick Victor




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