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flex it gently and stretch it again
Comrades … our nation has existed since time immemorial when the lands were common to all mankind. So has our organization. Our people as well as the whole world can attest to the selfless sacrifice made by members of our organization. Yet this very special occasion calls on me to reiterate all the selfless sacrifices we have made for this country on behalf of our people.
Comrades … our members had kissed the lips of prison and struggled rain or shine for the sake of our national races and emancipation of the people from the British colonial rule through the Fascist Japanese occupation to the parliamentary democrazy state.
Comrades … our sacrifice did not mean that we covet power, influence or wealth. Nor do we want people to worship us. Nor do we want to brag until our mouth becomes a sore how much sacrifice we have made at every opportunity. People know our exemplary conducts, our solidarity, our unity and our transparency.
In this era, we who have given up ourselves to the nation through and through for many years have no time to sit back and relax. To serve the people to the utmost of our capabilities, we have to catch up with the times, and continue to shoulder our historic responsibility diligently and unwaveringly. Inasmuch as inside the country we leaders also have to endure extreme hardship in foreign lands when we go abroad to beg for aid money on behalf of our people.
By offering our lives, sweat and blood, we have rescued the motherland who was about to be drowned in the shallows from the hands of human traffickers, we have annihilated stooges of the West and we also have tortured and killed scores of terrorists-rapists.
Through our struggle and countless sacrifices, we came to realize that there has not been any organization as fit and battle-hardened as ours in promoting the best interest of our nation.  It is only natural that we decided to carry on with our sacrifice, carry on risking our lives, and continue with our pro bono efforts for the whole nation by turning ourselves into a political party no matter how much we despise politics. 
Comrades … you all are aware of our conviction, commitment and principles. I need not elaborate further all the details of the sacrifices made by us leaders—our nation and the whole world can attest to our courage.
By way of conclusion I would earnestly like to urge you to live up to the legacy of our organization, do as you are told along the chain of command, and for the sake of chest-to-chest national harmony, seek and destroy your nearest enemy with available weapon. If you are not already armed, remove the elastic band from your underwear and turn it into a slingshot!
ko ko thett

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