from Songs of the Revolution 83


you cant buy
anything anywhere
without taking part
in your own death plan
the thing is
you get deeply entangled in thinghood
instead of manhood

because as soon as
you conduct a
money transaction
someones income increases
and blop blop percent of
that income goes
for military splendor

and as soon as you buy
and all the forces are working day and night
radiating the buy buy message
and its been going on for ten thousand years
and its hard to resist
as soon as you buy
you get deeply entangled in thinghood
instead of manhood

the entire money system
has to go bye bye
into the history of grotesque torture and
physical violence

barter is not
the solution

it is
the free society

it is the
free society

it is the
moneyless society
in which
what is produced
is used
by anybody
who needs it

all useless production will cease
because of our luscious needs

and what we make we need
and we use it
and if you dont want to wok
you do something else
nobody does anything
he doesnt want to
i will clean the sewers
because they get smelly
and we may even
have too may sewer cleaners
because its a gas
and we dig
the smell

you see
we are going to change everything

everything is free
it doesnt cost anything
there is no money

and we dig the smell
because we
cannot be as
we are now
and be any
closer to god

i will love harry anslinger and all
the cops and judges

and science and technology will serve us
they will not dominate
because they will no longer be the weapons
of plutocracy and autocracy
but the dear mechanisms of love


the economy
will not change
until the people change and change it
the people will
not change tonight
but we will in the morning



Julian Beck

Illustration: Atlanta Wiggs


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