from The Life of the Theatre 13

Three Meditations on Strategies.


we are in great need of reality in our time

a generation rages: don’t vote don’t pay taxes defy the police burn your money puncture tires upheaval destroy the whole culture let go of the past shit on everything rather than the sterile power clean machine eat less wear less work less do nothing that does not contribute directly to great transformation poetry break every law to pieces break up the sidewalks walk on the earth find another life take your children out of school make flags into flour sacks destroy all government the wasting of time stop the time-clocks strike strike strike holy terror into our hearts reverse peristalsis drive out the money changers stampede the banks ban them the bombs and the whole thing of it dismantle stare dissolve grow fins fly focus feed exude light from the eyes beauty from the ears night exultation is one of the roads to salvation pound cack scream oggle wallow fuck creep crawl retch suck open the roof to the rain open the lungs the blood the cells to the plants high five fingered cannabis bright coca the languid poppy the secrets of the cactus the magic formulae of the earth are our chemical warfare against the killers recreate everything dislocate the brain which kills right and left revokes the pitiless modern mind lengthen this list with all variety of action until every sentient being eats right and left breaks the love barrier and sheds his anger his sexual revenge revenge on everything

lick it all

begin again



Julian Beck
Montage: Rupert Loydell

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