FUBAR Exhibition

Forty artists responding to the theme of ‘FUBAR’ – F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition.
Set in the amazing space of London’s Crypt Gallery.

The first exhibition curated by FUBAR Collective will challenge norms & provide a
platform for alternative artists. It will be a varied and engaging event that aims to ignite
discussion, and unite artist and audience.

Come & have a drink, wander round a 200-year-old crypt, immerse yourself in art, browse
the Atramental zine library, tell all in our confession booth and attend a Funeral For Lost
Time with Laura Greenway
Original artworks & prints for sale with 100% of proceeds going to the artist

Private view: 22 August 6-9pm
Exhibition open:
23-26 August 12-7pm
27 August 12-3pm

The Crypt Gallery,
Euston Road,


Accessibility: regrettably, there is no wheelchair access into The Crypt Gallery. There are
steep uneven stone steps with handrail, leading down into the gallery. The floor of the
gallery is uneven stone.

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