Gardens of Earthly Delight

Project Delta (2014)
never mind mountain ranges
vast deserts steppes prairies
veldt tundra ice-cap
lakes rivers stupendous falls
and all
the other wonders
of the known world
turn your mind instead
to gardens –
back gardens that is
not the estates of the mighty –
to those most intimate
private territories of the soul
tended loved largely unmapped
no matter what continent
what climate
what skin
each one a landmark
in somebody’s life
the gardeners of the world
united in their love
of a bit of ground
to call their own
their source of hope
solace wonder
retreat and meditation
I’m planting myself in the garden
believe me
between the potatoes and parsley
believe me*
sang a friend
who knew what he was about
and spoke for the multitude
who know for sure –
should they acknowledge their hearts –
that if we planted and tilled
instead of poisoned and killed
everything in the garden
would be
believe me

*from Bill Fay’s ‘Garden Song’

Jeff Cloves 
Collage: A.C.Evans

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