The protocol calls for the inmate to be 
strapped to a gurney and fitted with a 
mask and a breathing tube the mask is meant to 
administer 100% pure nitrogen depriving 
the person of oxygen until they die
although 78% of the air humans breathe 
is made up of nitrogen if the concentration of
nitrogen is too high and of oxygen too low the
body’s organs are deprived of oxygen
which they need to function and begin 
shutting down causing a person to die Smith 
shook and writhed for two minutes on 
Thursday night as his mask filled up with 
gas witnesses said the convicted killer is 
said to have remained conscious breathing
heavily and gasping for a further eight minutes as
his sons and wife watched on
“Tonight, Alabama causes humanity to
take a step backwards,” Smith 
said in his final words “I’m leaving with
love, peace, and light thank you
for supporting
me. Love all of you.” 
Smith was not pronounced 
dead until 8.25pm
22 minutes 
after the gas
was first 


James McLaughlin





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