…. gives Jews a bad name


By Khidori M Khidori



As Confetti from Heaven fell
A harbinger of imminent Hell
Baby suckles mother’s breast
Minutes later, both are dead

Gives Jews a bad name

Big arrows signposting grids on maps
Women with pots, children with pans
Toddlers toddle, holding hands
A human herd, Serengeti on sands  

Gives Jews a bad name

Young limbs with name tags
Shrouded corpses in neat bags
Pickaxe digging grave, the tempo
For a last farewell crescendo

Gives Jews a bad name

Stricken boy, ashen face
A veteran at a tender age
Piercing eyes, defiant stare
Anguished soul, full of rage

Gives Jews a bad name

Gaza in ruins, Population displaced
A million driven from their land
No fuel, no water, no bread
Desperate people, envying the dead

Gives Jews a bad name

Far away, a solitary hand is raised
Holds gun, takes aim, FIRE
Humanity bleeds, 
Holds head higher

Gives Jews a bad name

Civilians lay slain
A white flag with blood stain
Genocide, the ultimate aim
Gives Jews a bad name








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