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Aye def Oh
Shopping IS the new religion some
one must have said to me
once or maybe I made it up
this bullet from the blue
by myself well its fucking 
true the whole retail
park jammed on a Sunday
10am wtf
this cunt nearly flattened
me in his four by four
‘Big Gus 1’ trying 
to get to ASDA as if
his pissed stained 
existence depended on a
pishing bogof or
the freshest stale 
stodge or whether he
could save five 
fucking pence on Carlsberg so
I deems to have
a word with 
him tell him of
his wrong doing
before God
that there is
more to fucking 
life than ASDA
and Argos then I 
sees him a shit
brickhouse sliding
out the side
of BIG GUS 1 and
I thinks maybe
I’ll tackle him
another day and
there is 
four pence 
off a gallon




james mclaughlin




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