Goggled Earth Myth




The naked man on stage, lit cool

  blue by light emitting diodes &

                        the multiple eyes

of an audience on the edge

   of their worlds. The man

who can recall all

      satellite shots

               of Earth

from an altitude

            of a few

                              hundred feet.

Every last

acre & hectare of Earth’s

        surface remembered

in a man’s brain. An obsession,

or reverence?

      or form

      of love?

Adam Atlast is suddenly


by a projected

section of the crust

             of a world.

        The audience put on their goggles.

And with just one

  glance he names

the place, the location,

the whereabouts, the solidity,

that the flat

digitally lit

veil emulates.

The world-edge audience gasps

             at Adam’s global mind

as he utters names

of streets in cities or pin

-points boulders on glaciers or trees

                      in rain-forests.

His correct

answer verified through

  latitude & longitude &

                  a long zoom

-out as if

the watcher is being

blasted backwards a

                                   way into space.

This is his last show,

   though. For finally

he can’t compete

with the changing of places,

            the wearing-away of

whereabouts & delocalisations

                              of localities,

the melting the cutting

the digging the building. He can

no longer remember. No

sooner than he’s sussed

          a bit

of urban/wilderness

      and its changed

      too much.

This is Adam Atlast’s last show.

      Now here

      is the slow


        of a mind.

For he has detonated

the bomb Everyman gaffer-taped

                to the back of his skull.

Along with the splash

         of brains & rain

of bone billions

of images of grass & ice &

                    tarmac & even

ripples over reefs blast

from his presence gracefully

into the goggled faces

of an audience paralysed

                   on the edges

of their seats

Mark Goodwin


my books

Else . Back of A Vast . Layers of Un .
Distance a Sudden
Clause in A Noise


my digitally produced sound-&-poetry 

my writer’s profile with Writing East Midlands

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