Going Postal


To ensure full digital detox, I dismantle my phone and laptop into their constituent parts and post them to random addresses across the world. I don’t know what all these fiddly bits do, so when the person behind the counter asks me about the contents of each padded envelope, I panic and say the first things that come into my head: Kubrick’s script for the Moon landing, the bullet that killed Princess Di, a subliminal message cut into Star Wars, the soul of a prominent figure on the world stage which they exchanged for a life that would make de Sade blanch. The lizard behind the counter doesn’t blink as they slip each one into a sterilised bag which a government drone will collect as soon as I’ve gone. I tell them to keep my bank card so I can’t be traced, though I can already hear a whirr and buzz descending from the chemtrail web and feel the chips in my system chatter in response. Did you know that a stamped postcard weighs exactly 6g and that when 6G comes online the shit will really – I mean really – hit the fan? The longest postal delay ever recorded is 89 years. I shall erase my fingerprints with battery acid and replace my blood with bleach and sterilised water.




Oz Hardwick
Art Michael Petalengro


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2 Responses to Going Postal

    1. Please next time don’t use artwork without giving credit to the artist. In this case it’s Michael Petalengro. Thank you.

      Comment by Ulrike on 11 November, 2022 at 8:10 am
    2. Sorry about that couldn’t find the artist’s name. Will amend the piece.

      Comment by Editor on 11 November, 2022 at 8:14 am

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