Graphology Survival 46: how to speak


Pick up language as it pronounces

to make speech signs someone

might connect with, even as recoil.


Just how it comes, modulated,

to speak as desperate to be under-

stood not conscious of proprietary


acts of propriety of whose mouth

formed what in the exclamation

of raid or the demi-hush of swan


over lake, the crake, the barking

fox the dingo call, the moon crackling

along the spine of red dunes.


This fenceline, barbed cackle

emitted against the enclosure,

the polypropylene tent of mouthing.


You can’t have complete origins

of the world as crow wet with surprise

rain come where arteries had been


opened to fill pluperfect, they had,

the beak snapped shut is registered

as owned as ‘snack, crackle, pop’,

a garnering & outpouring.




John Kinsella
Illustration Nick Victor

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