It is like going to the Antarctic
except it is out West and there are
no snow or penguins. But the great
unknown can be a city too. She
wants to try all the fast food that
she can and watch the cars go by,
the smog settle over the hills
with the sun shining through,
and find out why she has come
to the city of angels, of light,
of digital dreams. It is all a game,
a new world of source material,
background noise and city hum.
Six lanes of slow-moving ideas
but she does not know where
to go. She joins the dots
of the scribbled city by subway
or waits for the occasional bus
to take her past film stars’ houses
and luxury hotels. She is looking
for life and that restaurant that
was recommended by the friend
of a friend of a friend. Ten hours,
six days, and a plate of perfect fries
would cure her homesickness
and make up for jetlag. The traffic
never stops, she does not know
who all these famous people are,
why anyone would live here rather
than move out to the valleys, away
from ‘this weird place full of fakeness’
to where there is room to live and die.




   © Rupert M Loydell

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