Happy Birthday Mr. William Blake

Happy Birthday Mr. William Blake
Visionary slayer of all that is false
From the sermons of Sunday’s religious fake
To the moneymen’s rasping grasping calls

You shine like a light of spiritual bliss
Through today’s hellish smog of venality
Which you smite in an instant with the slightest kiss
Of your angelic illuminate originality

Albion needs you now like never before
As the strangler clasps the neck of the child
And poisons the waters of river and shore
With his dark satanic will run wild

Happy Birthday Mr. William Blake
Illustrious purveyor of all that is true
Please rescue us from this bitter lake
And deliver us to your Jerusalem New


Roddy McDevitt


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    1. Thanks!

      Comment by Roddy McDevitt on 1 December, 2017 at 11:38 pm

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