Hear On Out! Summers Gone.


Ben Graville


watch @ 720dpi for picture quality
Hear on out !, how good was notting hill carnival and boomtown , even when the government tried to shut the country down again because some queen died a party contiued, Hackney carnival was culled and sadly missed again. Like people were having to much fun in the sun again and the miseries that ruin this country had to assert their bullshit miserable beliefs of monarchy , class and the under class all essential to keep this coutry going back to the middle ages, this constant take from people cant go on, killing them financially , something has to go ! the ruling class has to dissapear forever ..My yearly photo diary from May 2021 to September 23rd 2022 the comeback out of lockdown back to life back to the harsh day to day reality of the U.K. isolated picking your pockets to keep the elite swinging along.


slowed-down tunes 4a.m. Kru , high time and stay puffed

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