hell bus tour begins



It’s going to be a hell of a trip etc etc


I’m currently on the road with the Hell Bus! Come and see it in any of the above locations.

It’s open each day 11am-7pm although on the first day in a town it might be a slightly later start. Also I have put 1st Oct for Manchester on here to be on the safe side but we will actually be arriving on the 30th Sept and if all goes to plan it’ll be open by early afternoon.

I’m also doing a series of free panel discussions with Ad Free Cities and SwitchIt.Green who have both been organising the logistics of the tour, (leaving me to concentrate on my colouring in and bum jokes.)

Dates for the panels/talks are as follows:





“And even if climate change happens, and all the low-lying areas around the coast are underwater, don’t you think those people would just sell their house and move?”
– Ben Shapiro

Inspired by the Hbomberguy video on Climate Denial, in particular this bit. But the whole video is great, well recommended.

I took these photos on a recent visit to the southern coast, and somehow forgot how much wood likes to float, which resulted in my floundering around in the sea trying to take a photo of a For Sale sign while swimmers and sun bathers looked on in sheer bafflement. Good fun.








Thanks to everyone who came to my Glasgow exhibition at the Alchemy Experiment last week and what turned into three nights of talks after each got packed out! Was such a great response and a welcome back to one of my favourite cities. Massive thanks to Pierce and all the staff at the Alchemy Experiment for being so great.





While I’m in Manchester with the Hell Bus I have a couple of t-shirts in an exhibition about political t-shirts starting this Saturday. It’s called TEES and is at Rogue Project Space, 2-6 Barrass St, M11 1PU. Show runs until 31 October 2023
Opening Times: 12-4pm

I’ll also be doing a talk there on Sunday 1st Oct at 2pm! You can book a free ticket here.



I’ve had another restock of the Mini Daily Mails arrive last week. This is the fourth printing of it, which makes it I think the most popular thing I’ve ever made. And what a horrid little thing it is! You can read it for free at MiniDailyMail.co.uk or order a physical copy from my website shop.

That’s it for now! Hopefully have some more art next month instead of all these events!

Massive thanks for your support!

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Eternal thanks to anyone who’s ever backed my work on Patreon or through the shop!

And thanks for reading!

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