Here Where


                                                         James Clerk Maxwell telescope
                             Mauna Kea central Pacific 155d 25m  19d 45mN
before first light
                pen pausing over    as if zenga
                                               thread of black ink on white page   
standing      lying     sitting     walking
                           treading softly
G34.3+0.15 makes an appearance
                                                               molecular line observations
                                              reveal a hot optically thick slab of gas
                                                         (Heaton, Little & Bishop 1987)
                                                       a hierarchy of cloud components
                                                                       & low resolution maps 
                                                  delineate an extended diameter halo
                                                                surrounding a smaller core
                                                   two hands drawn back
                        turning of waist and legs
centre of gravity shifts

reading Beckett (what where 1983)
                             in the present as were I still
            the slow moon sinking
                                      Rexroth whispering
                                                          higher resolution observations
                                       show a warm compact core of high density
                                                                               south west of this             
                                                               an ultracompact HII region
                                            powered by a highly luminous O star(s)

night passes
data stacks up
                                               through the infinitesimal noise
                        a pin-prick signal is identified
ten thousand million million miles
to the moment of this mark

                                              outside no snow falls
                                                               under the ocean of stars                     
                                red-shifted absorption in the rotational spectra
                                                                      suggest the halo is cool
                                                           & collapsing towards the core
                                                        inner & outer satellite splittings
                                                                          quadrupole moments
                                             nitrogen nuclei within an electron field
                                primary calibrator    passband    bootstrap flux
                                       for Matsuo     it is winter
                                                                 without journey

                     broken house river Sumida
                                           barely time to sweep away the cobwebs
           spring mist to rise over the fields
longing to be on the road again

Beckett says form is fatal                                    
                                                reach beyond
Ginsberg taught me to speak                   
Snyder to be silent                  
                                             between the three          
                    ordinary voice        
                                         beginner’s mind
a circumspect conversation falls                 here                                                                                    
for peak emission shift with velocity over hyperfine components                                                                     
                    find none
                                               & then sun’s rise.


Roko quietly sitting    
practice of life
                        Nobeyama Radio Observatory  45m telescope
                 among manuscripts
# dls isline (1983)
*** isline data base retrieval system started ***
***for explanation, input ‘help’ ***
input sysout class (A=CR/K):k
anchoring offshore
                               Suwa-no-se  latitude 29d 36m
                                                                       among the ten islands
*** name of subfile to be searched
**  (null – lines of freq<300 GHz, ‘all’ – all lines:
**  input the name of outputr subfile (null – f1):
**  input conditions to search. More explanation – see ‘lp’ in edit
among manuscripts               red grapefruit                 #4288 sunrise
** write ‘condition for searching’. For example
** tag=1001 or tag>7000
** column 1 should be a blank (‘  ‘). 1 line should be <80 letters.
                                                        a small diesel freighter 250 tons
                     green cliffs                                                                         
                                                     anchored beyond the reef edge
                              in drift & swell
          the weather is breezy  
                                              the sun hot
** subcommands are available. The data structure is the following
 — record fields of jpline data —
                          <column>: <length>: <meanings>
hot and quiet 1
hot and quiet 2
cold and quiet
hot core
expanding doughnut
molecular flow
spectral line catalogue         JPL 80 – 23 cal tech
                            one morning in the second week
               the mind wakes
wu-shih (no fuss)

** searchable tags in the records are the following
** output terminated due to inattention
                                    not seen       blended      not seen    5.81E+16    
no data     not seen      2.49E+13     not seen     uncertain     not seen    
                                the sea teaches patience
            become one with the other
                                                              let the fish choose you
& in Kyoto
at three a.m. lights go on
                              ten watt bulbs tacked under the beams
                                             a building lit for centuries by oil lamps
unsui     drift like clouds   flow like water
sodo in session
                        the hawk the swoop and the hare are one
              among manuscripts
an unidentified line
**check>compile ended      12:51:08    code=4
437 out of  688850 lines have been found
**check>load ended          12:51:18    code=0
**the result is in dataset #isline.g85.g90
in catalogue:mcat
               unidentified line 45 379
                                              Herzberg heading for Saskatoon
hitchhiked here   long valley of the Skagit
                                  old cars parked in the weeds
data set is empty
** you can write in many lines
** to start searching, input ‘end’
e                                                              looking  finding  not finding                      
who can straighten water.


                                                                                      f77 –o test
                                  chemcses07.for  odescses.for  cgear230.for
reset h0 = E-20    
                            eps = E+2      ran fast     changed output     
still wrong
setting y0(i) = zero initially
                               failure to run (kflag = -3, segmentation fault)
uround = E-15
                            eps = E-6
                                            and y0(i) still zero
now we get something sensible

questioned before first light
                                    barely time to sweep away the cobwebs
left Edo
two years on the road
                                    travelling north
                                                              into unexplored territory
                           the narrow road                                   

                                                                  consider the displacement
                                  NH3 peak emission offset slightly to the north
                                                                        of an axis of symmetry 
                through the apex of the adjacent cometary UCHII region
                               coincident  with peak 450 micron dust emission                       
                                                                                          in contrast
                                                   peak CH3CN emission is displaced
                                          2 arcseconds north west of the NH3 peak
                       an offset greater than positional error on either map

                                 the frame is Cartesian
                                                                  already a hole in the net
                       through which the fish may
or may not fall
                       be briefly caught
through which disorder which is order comes leaping

until the time came, with break of day     
but the clouds (1976)
hitching the coast road
                                     practice of life

                                   sublimation temperatures are likely too close
                                                          & ice composition too complex
                        in spite of CH3CN having the larger dipole moment
                 for significant distinctions on the observed scale to arise
                   no downstream daughter species if both are evaporates
                    perhaps photochemical processing of evaporated NH3
                                                                           within the gas phase
                                                            at the margins of the hot core
   but this model neither requires nor precludes a real displacement

                                                  meaning differs
climbing the steep ridge below Shuksan
                                                  hour to hour
specific meaning at a given moment
I of it/it of me
                 a meaning of/to/for  I/me
to walk the roads
always looking  asking               something local  albeit provisional
                              crossing & re-crossing the passes
                                           drinking cold snow-water from a tin cup
just enough to get by on

k(j) = fj*((temp/300)**alfa)*earg(-beta/temp)
go to 10
pg = (2.0e16/rout)**0.86
ct = – 1.644*pg
k(j) = fj*exp(ct)
go to 10  
k(j) = fj*zeta 
                                          the close proximity to newly formed stars
                                                                               UCHCs generally                                                              
                                                                                             OB stars
                                        suggests an impinging far ultraviolet field
                                            interacts with dense neutral evaporates
                                grain mantle ices (Charnely, Tielens & Millar)
                                                               UCHC diameter ~10(17)cm
                                                                    margin depth ~10(15)cm
                                        defined by a cumulative Av limit ~ 10 mag
      where Av = 5.3 x 10(-22)N(H2)   (Storzer, Stutzki & Sternberg) 

visible through the mist in the distance
                              brilliantly white with snow
                                                      Sora bringing water and firewood   
become Sogo
                              on the day we put on clean summer clothes
Japhy cross-legged on a straw mat with spectacles on
book on lap       
little tin teapot          
porcelain cup steaming at his side
translating cold mountain                                               
                                                                                within the clouds
                                                                close to newly formed stars
                                                   a clumpy distribution of gas & dust
                                                                           hence (Storzer et al)
                                               spherical versus plane-parallel PDRs
                                                                            0.05 to 0.005parsec
                                               the structure within as yet unresolved

first without words                    Beckett knawing
a hint
at the edge of intelligibility
                                           at the point of questioning
                                           where the plumb-line drops
                  at the limit barely detectable
down valley a smoke haze
                                          assuming continuous evaporation of ices
           at rates comparable with their subsequent photodissociation
                                               a derivation of analytical expressions
                                                        rate coefficients having the form
                                                            k = C
ce[-aAv – bAv(2)] s(-1)
a & b are extinction parameters
                                             functions of grain scattering properties                       
                                                         & photoreaction cross-sections
                                                                                  Roberge (1991)

friday morning with snow coming in
                                              & storms all across the north Cascades
                              elegant patterns in the spectra
                              lines declaring nature’s order
                                          atomic composition  structure  properties
all defined by analysis of colour
Herzberg with a 20 meter tube
internal mirrors giving 250 traversals
an absorbing path of 5km
                                  through cooled compressed gaseous hydrogen
                a sunny windy day  lapping the logs
the river swollen to the brim
spillover words.



Duncan MacKay









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