Hit list

Melissa Gordon, 56, of no fixed abode, was convicted on Friday of conspiracy to commit murder. She had plotted to cause the deaths of several notorious dictators. The court heard how, over several years, the accused had made a habit of stopping people in the street and asking them if they knew of anyone who might be willing to assassinate the dictators on her hit list. This, she explained, would have to be done gratis as she was destitute. Several witnesses claimed they had been ‘harassed repeatedly’ by Gordon who ‘appeared desperate’ to find a willing accomplice to execute her requests. When asked by the judge whether she felt any remorse for her actions Gordon said ‘none’. She went on to declare that had she not been poor and in ill-health, but vigorous, and possessed of a suitable weapon and money, she would have done the job herself.




Simon Collings
Picture Nick Victor



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