Going home with plucked petals
Monsoon passed by
Before it’s a long haul
Chain reaction and smokhauled gains
Blurry blue eyed when night comes
Your fingers smudged with dedication
Carmen everyman ubiquitous trance
Ear phoneed humming among bazaar nights
Keeper of bonhomie and muskrosed gaze
La la land of my native town
Diving deeper than skin dip high
My mourning Electra phase
Jotting scribbling karmic case
What happens when the casement is open
Deep vulnerability that paints
A shipwrecked muddy condition
Moss flared bushes that topples
Kindles l’s la femme cupid arrowed
Sun dizzy fuzzy pixie maniac trance
Skull tripping skin and bones
Femme fatality viping scheming negative
Sly wisdom that ends with digging a soul whole
A single blossom a new Millenium of ragpatched haul
I come home
Kindled fiery furry fuzzy.





By Sayani Mukherjee.
Picture Nick Victor

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