We spoke with a childcare surgeon who was really interested in cooking with an extra pair of mechanical arms whilst doing shoulder surgery. Such human augmentation could be in full control of the robotic tools he’s using with various body parts that boost our capabilities and brain.

Being able to manipulate cognition, we want natural mechanisms of agency, want so you can stir the soup whilst chopping with additional appendages controlled precisely by us, since we now have the option to wear and to articulate 3D-printed thumbs which allow the body to augment your intact motor wirelessly.

The most amount of gain is wrist-based, motors that reach peak energy trends with the least amount of impact when soldering pressure sensors underneath. Take the other robotic bodies away, this system is connected to hardware, microcontrollers mounted on everything but the nipples.

This approach questions our ability to respond to what we expect at the moment. Fashionistas focus on the advent of flamboyant males with electrodes in the brain and no adverse effects for otherwise healthy human beings, but there is no ethical justification for such invasive new developments.

I’m hooked up to a battery, selflessly and diligently move around as instructed. This is when you are given the chance to wear something that manages to show the extra. Robotic neuroscience may seem alien to you but I can’t imagine a brain that is not always never to be trusted.

Artificial Intellegence can be spotted out in the wild but I’m starting to think that this new trend for chaos is an indicator of good times to come. Lusts converge into abstract desire but body parts and public members should never be operated by hand. No-one knows you’re dancing.


   Rupert M Loydell
Illustration: ‘Cyborg Encounter’, A.C. Evans 2007

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