How The West Was Won



Peter Perrett – former frontman of The Only Ones – releases his debut solo album How The West Was Won on June 30 through Domino.

Perrett is backed by his sons – Jamie and Peter Jr. on lead guitar and bass respectively – and the album has been produced by Chris Kimsey.
Peter Perrett, the living legend who wrote ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ “arguably, the greatest rock single ever recorded”, singer/songwriter with the Only Ones and all-round romantic poet, genius-in-exile, is back. Domino are releasing his first ever solo album, How The West Was Won on June 30th 2017.

Did P. Perrett waite for his two sons to be older enough to back him on this magnificent return to former magnificent form?

Tracklisting for How The West Was Won is:

How The West Was Won
An Epic Story
Hard To Say No
Living In My Head
Man Of Extremes
Sweet Endeavour
C Voyeurger
Something In My Brain
Take Me Home

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