Hull Radical Bookfair


1st Annual Hull Radical Bookfair
August 12th
at The Danish Seamen’s Church, 104 Osborne St

AnarCom Network – Food Not Bombs
Pirate Press
Communist Workers Organisation
Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
This Place/Ground Press
Anarchist Communist Group [ACG]
Free the MBR beagles/camp beagle/For the love of dogs Romanian rescue
Sheffield Palestine Action
Prisoner Abolition Group – Commune
Hull Wildlife Protectors
Humber Palestine Solidarity Campaign – Humber Unite community Union
WellRed Publishers/Socialist Appeal

We will also be featuring the Hull Zine Library Display!

11.30am to 12.30pm
Sheffield Palestine Action Workshop:
Operating with the full complicity of the UK and other Western powers, the Israeli arms trade is near the centre of an expansive system in which technologies are developed to repress populations.
The drones that are used to drop bombs and white phosphorous on Palestinians are then exported for use elsewhere.
These manufacturers particularly Elbit Systems, despite frequently violating international law, continue to operate with the full support of our governments.
Palestine Action activists as they explain how the Israeli arms trade operates, how we are engaging in direct action – and how you can involve yourself in our struggle to uproot this system of repression.

12.45pm to 2.45pm
Prison Abolition Group workshop plus Commune workshop

2.55pm to 3.40pm:
Jack Horner aka Leon the Pig Farmer is a Manchester based Yorkshire beat
Poet will be performing his “don’t believe the hype” set.
An ex-serviceman who began writing verse to help him deal with a PTSD diagnosis in 2019.

We ask that all participants and bookfair goers abide by these basic principles:
• We want everyone attending this event to feel safe, comfortable and included. We reject hierarchy and coercion, we do not use or tolerate oppressive language: ableism, homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism, snobbery or otherwise. We do not make excuses for sexual abuse or authoritarian regimes. We respect each other’s boundaries.
• We may ask people to modify their behaviour or take it elsewhere.
• We also ask you to look after the facilities, and treat the all the facilities with respect.
• Please do not film or photograph anyone without their express permission, preferably, take it outside.

‘Anarchists prepare for social revolution and use every means – speech, writing, or deed, whichever is more to the point; to accelerate revolutionary development.’
     – Johann Most




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