‘Human Augmentation’ Warfare of the Immediate Future?


German and UK Government’s Collaborating on Military
Exoskeletons and Genetic Engineering

We have to have the courage to face our enemies. I think most readers of this article will already know that the psychotic element of the human race which has succeeded in establishing itself at the top of end of the control pyramid, will stop at nothing to get its way.

That ‘way’ is to destroy the soul of humanity and bulldoze all but the most elementary expressions of nature.

What I have to report today escaped my attention until very recently, but unfortunately fits the above description all too well.

On 13 May 2021 the Defence and Armed Forces Ministry (MOD) of the UK government published a document entitled ‘Human Augmentation – the Dawn of a New Paradigm’.
https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/human-augmentation-the-dawn-of-a-new-paradigm   (updated version)
That title alone sent a shiver down my spine; but that shiver extended upon reading the first paragraph.

“The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre worked in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning to understand the future implications of human augmentation, setting the foundation for more detailed Defence research and development”.

Why is it that a link-up between the German Bundeswehr and the British Ministry of Defence sent an extended shiver through my body?

Next we learn that “The project incorporates research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists to understand how human augmentation emerging technologies could affect the future of society, security and Defence.”

Well, well, are we supposed to believe that these ‘defence specialists’ are coming together to make a detached survey of the state of the art developments of human beings re-engineered to become instant battlefield weapons?

Not likely! This is a description of a collaboration designed to work-out the optimum potential of such cyborgian kamikaze bipedals, to be at the cutting edge of offensive military hardware in the very near future.

We read on “Human augmentation technologies provide a broad sense of opportunities for to day and in the future. These are mature technologies that could be integrated today with manageable policy considerations, such as personalised nutrition, wearables and exoskeletons. “

What in God’s name are they talking about? Are readers of this UK government document supposed to know what ‘personal nutrition’, ‘wearables’ and ‘exoskeletons’ actually are? Bear in mind that this was written in the middle of the great Covid hoax. Doesn’t it ring of something equally diabolical?

But wait, it gets worse “There are other technologies in the future with promises of bigger potential such as genetic engineering and brain computer interfaces.”
OK, thanks. Now you have let us into an uncloaked description of what’s to come in a language most can understand. The weaponised corporals in the front line of the war with…China?..Russia? will be computer programmed Transhumans – the jewel in the crown of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution. We might have guessed.

But hey, just take a look at the next revelation “The ethical, moral and legal implications of human augmentation are complex and hard to foresee and regular engagement with these issues must be thoroughly considered.”

Hard to foresee? Only if you are a deeply psychotic, mind-blind and insentient demon disguised as a human being.

The document ends with the following statement “Human augmentation could signal the coming of a new era of strategic advantage with possible implications across the force development spectrum.”

“A new era of strategic advantage with ‘possible implications’ across the force development spectrum”. Now the shiver has reached my heart, but I’m not letting it dwell there for more than a couple of seconds. In fact I’m outraged by the utter obscenity of all these statements.

What kind of ‘strategic advantage’ are these technocrats talking about? What kind of ‘possible implications’ for the ‘force development spectrum’? Possible implications?

“Hi Sam, this is Houston Automated Army Digital Defence Centre, here’s your instructions: plug-in corporal Jones and line him up with target 371. Make sure his wearables are set on invisible mode and that he is equipped with ‘insecto-synth-nutrit’ augmentation capsules. We’ll be steering him from here. But you guys need to be alert to any retaliation within the war theater.”

It is highly instructive that in the ‘related content’ section at the end of the MOD document are the following links:

Financing the 2030 Agenda through Covid-19 and beyond

Agenda 2030: delivering the global goals

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Investing in a Better World: Results of UK Survey on Financing SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals).

This is an in-your-face head’s-up for anyone still failing to understand ‘the programme’ being driven forward by the darkly possessed globalist cabal. A programme designed to exterminate warm hearted, living breathing human beings like you and me and replace us with a mix of mind controlled/hypnotised slaves and digitally programmed robotic devices that ape elementary human behaviour patterns.

The authors of this report should already be in the dock for advancing the implementation of such egregious crimes against humanity. This is ice cold techno-military gamesmanship portrayed as a shared and even ‘ethical’ scientific overview of the latest developments in high-tech sub human battlefield deployments – and its all part of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and the Great Reset.

One must not underestimate the lengths this evil cohort will go to achieve its ambitions. It will ‘voluntarily’ stop at nothing. So it must be stopped by us.

If we want the light of day to shine on future generations – we must resolutely commit to putting our best energies into making sure we win this war; empowering our light to vanquish the darkness.

Warriors of the Golden Dawn – step forward!


Julian Rose

Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ ‘In Defence of Life’ and ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’. For more information see his website www.julianrose.info





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