I believed in a future
   believed in the past
I believed in the present
   hoped it would last

I believed in free movement
   in the European dream
I believed we all were playing
   for the same team

I believed in education
   believed in learning to learn
I believed in revolution
   believed the enemy would turn

I believed in language
   believed in words
I believed that what we say
   is how we make the world

I believed in sharing
  believed in love and peace  
I believed if we worked together
   wars would cease

But this world has torn apart
   most of what I thought
Instead of helping others
   everything is sold or bought

We are told to live in isolation
   to earn and spend
to numb ourselves with television
   but not comprehend

how our leaders cheat
  and bend the rules
keep money for themselves
    treat us like fools

I believe I was right
   to fight for change
but now I believe
   with indignation and rage

We must believe in each other
   believe in us, in you and me
We must believe in possibility
   believe that we are free


     Johnny Brainstorm




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