I forget I put eggs on to boil and burn the pan and almost the house down.

I forget I’d arranged to meet G. for coffee so I tell him I was sick. He’ll believe that.

I forget I don’t like poetry and write 17 poems before lunch.

I forget to shut the front door. Anybody could have walked in. I wouldn’t mind if it was a lady.

I forget to feed the cat but she texts me a reminder.

I forget to tell my friend I think he’s a brilliant writer. (I don’t really forget! He’s not!)

I forget the name of the man who invented sausages. Or was it a lady?

I forget to go to the allotment then I remember I haven’t got an allotment.

I forget why I came into the kitchen so I go back into the living room.

I forget why I came into the living room.

I forget the name of the chap who wrote “I Remember”. Joe Something-or-other.

I forget to flush the toilet after a Number 2. It’s a good job I live alone!

I forget to send Robert Loydell his regular little ‘backhander’. On purpose!

I forget to put tea in the teapot and make a nice cup of hot water.

I forget to go to my friend’s funeral. I’ll tell him I had a tummy upset. (I use this excuse a lot.)

I forget I don’t like poetry and write another 23 poems before tea.

I forget if I’ve changed my underwear this week. I’ll do it tomorrow if I remember.

I forget the little Russian I used to know. I think his name was Ivan. Or was it a lady?

I forget to put the bins out. I thought it was Wednesday but it’s not.

I forget why I got out of bed this morning and now it’s nearly bedtime.

I forget to say my prayers but will probably survive the night.

I forget why I started writing ‘I forget’ sentences so I’m stopping now.

I forget I said I was going to stop writing ‘I forget’ sentences.

I forget  to clean my teeth and have to get out of bed after I’ve got all nice and snug.




– – Eric Eric




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