Immaculate Conception –  A Dark Side Deception


Immaculate Conception 2


…leading to the rise of the Crypto Male


One of the things that might have given sex a bad name here on planet Earth, was the supposed arrival of highly realized beings whose conception (we are informed) did not come about via an act of conjugation between a man and a woman. Nor, one presumes, via an act of in-vitro fertilization.

But by some other means. Something which, as in the case of The Virgin Mary, the bible calls ‘Immaculate Conception’.

Now the word ‘immaculate’ suggests something without a flaw; something pure and perfect. And if the pure and the perfect are directly associated with being ‘sex free’ then – right from the outset – the sexual act is somehow denigrated. Denigrated as being less than pure.

So, does this mean that making progress in spiritual development has been linked, directly or indirectly, with the notion of somehow needing to rise above and beyond the act of sexual union? Beyond the expression of the duality inherent in male and female? In Yin and Yang? And in the process, has duality, as the source of sexual attraction, itself been reduced to that which needs to be ‘overcome’ rather than celebrated?

These are big questions indeed, but vital one’s to get a handle on. Not to turn away from lest they should reveal the existence of some long lost truths capable of turning our accepted views up side down.

Let’s explore this avenue of thought with open hearts and minds – and see where it leads.

For something of flesh and blood to come to life without a male sperm or a female egg coming into the picture at all, would probably fit the description of ‘a miracle’. The word ‘miracle’ and the word ‘miraculous’ have the same origin. They refer to that which is “not explained by known laws of nature” (dictionary definition). Beyond that which is conceived as possible.

In the story of Jesus’s birth, the bible informs us that Jesus was ‘born of the Virgin Mary’. And it is due to this event having taken place that the birth has been tagged as ‘miraculous’: an immaculate conception.  After all, how could sperms and eggs be involved if Mary was deemed to have remained a virgin at the time of the birth of her son?

In some African tribal societies it is believed that lightning confers upon woman the where-with-all to bring a child into the world. Nature can be wildly fecund under the electric conductivity present during intense thunderstorms. Could some potent yet unrecognized seed be awakened in a receptive female during such an event? Could it ripen into the embryonic form of a human baby?

In currently fashionable ‘electric universe’ theories – who knows what super charged electrons and neutrons might not get up to!

One thing I’ve learned in my steadily increasing time here on planet Earth, is never to dismiss out of hand that which at first seems inexplicable. There is so much we don’t understand about almost everything, let alone the small matter of how life comes (or came) to be. In fact, as regards the origin of our universe, purely ‘rational science’ has got us almost nowhere – swinging to and fro between big bangs and a bunch of barking quarks!

Yet there might be an all together more simple and plausible explanation for the immaculate nature of the so called ‘virgin birth’. One whose exploration leads us into the vexed yet critically important world of semantics. Semantics as being the key without which we cannot unlock the hidden agendas that have long since been screened out of our perceptions – due to their wholly revolutionary nature. Due to their power to turn the world we think we comprehend on its proverbial head.

Imagine that a new angle on the meaning of one word could be the detonator for an entirely fresh understanding of who we are and why we’re here. That the deliberate linguistic obfuscation of original intentions and writings just might turn out to be the biggest bang in the bible!

What if the Virgin Mary was not actually a virgin at all – in our normal understanding of this word – but an ascendant woman of great spiritual power and purity?

Her son, Jesus, being conceived in the way nature intended via Mary’s union with Joseph; a suggestion which in fact is no longer the least bit controversial.

However Mary ‘the virgin’ takes on a dramatically more illustrious and enlightened meaning once we have banished the old unbroken hymen – seal of purity – dogma.

And here I am most indebted to a colleague, Claire, Art Editor of International Times, for bringing to my awareness this truly liberating interpretation of the original meaning of the word ‘virgin’ within the context of the mythological status accorded to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. A myth which has dogged the female of our species pretty much since the dawn of history; and thereby caused both men and women to suffer massive misconceptions about what, why and even who – we are.

So here is what Claire wrote, as a comment to my essay on the ‘The Original Sin’:

“Mary was a woman of high spiritual standing, an ascended being. This was not an uncommon thing in the time of Jesus (who had similar women in his own ministry) but there was no word for such a woman in the Western language when the bible was being translated from Paleo-Hebrew or Aramaic. The closest word for a spiritually pure, wise and enlightened woman was “virgin”, which of course means something entirely different in Western terms, and has been a huge historical deception which has reinforced the patriarchal agenda down through the ages.

Similarly Mary Magdalene was construed as a prostitute when at the time women had no choice, as slaves, but to be so under Roman rule. The only other option was freedom which often meant social exclusion and abject poverty, where death was preferable. Two more myths of history which need addressing.”

Others (on Zen Gardner’s Just Wondering site) picked up on this disclosure adding to the dialogue sparked by Claire’s intervention. Comments by women willing to speak out honestly and deeply about the third rate status accorded to their gender since time immemorial – due to a deliberate long standing debasement of woman’s true role within (and without) the male/female partnership. To this I must add the distortion of the meaning and role of the female essence which resides in the male – and for that matter, the male essence which lies in the female.

This is such a profound subject – I hardly know how to do it justice. But we men must make that effort. We have an absolutely vital role to play now in supporting the emancipation of the women of our planet. And this starts with the recognition and emancipation of the female within ourselves.

We men cannot progress on our journey of personal growth until we honor that which provides us with our spiritual raison d’etre. I state that outright because it is the truth. Within the realm of ‘partnership’ women cannot become ‘realized women’ until men become ‘realized’ men through honoring the woman in themselves.

I explored in some depth in ‘The original Sin – A Myth Whose Time Is Up’ the nature of duality as the essential catalytic force of the universe. Duality being: female and male essence as the friction inspired driving force of movement and change; that which stands behind evolution itself.

I argued that this is not something ‘to overcome’ or ‘get beyond’, as some spiritual aspirants believe; but to be fully embraced for what it is, and accepted as inseparable from our divine origins. That until this is fully achieved, and the old superimposed sexual guilt trip abandoned and laid to rest, we cannot find our – centered – place within. And will always be circling restlessly around the truth instead of becoming it. Letting it be.

If ‘the virgin’ is indeed correctly identified as signifying a deeply enlightened and therefore sexually aware woman, then we had better admit that some seriously devious force has played a very dark and yet quite brilliant trick on mankind, whose repercussions are almost beyond imagination. A trick performed by twisting the word ‘virgin’ into something wholly other than what was intended.

Once again it is religion and the church which reveal themselves to be the villains and chief accomplices in spreading the falsified version that has so thoroughly colonized our planet over the millenia. The same deadly duo that foisted ‘The Original Sin’ and ‘the dark side baptism’ on our brow beaten humanity.

So to recap: by placing the Virgin Mary on a pedestal of ‘sexual purity’ the perpetrators were able to ensure that all other womanhood would be tainted, having resorted to the (impure) act of sexual union in order to bear children. As only a truly divine being, it is implied, can be born by a route which avoids any involvement in the sexual act.

So it follows that: those who aspire towards spiritual purity and union with Godhead must be taught to avoid, wherever possible, sex and sexual communion. For in this skewed interpretation it is clearly a severe deviant to the route to purity and Godliness. A route to all that is deemed undignified, debased and denigrating within humanity’s aspirations.

Man! Is this a truly massive act of sabotage of all that manifests as a glorious expression of universal life. A dastardly attempt to neuter and render sinful that which is in fact the very wellspring of life itself. The very dynamo of our expansive and ever expanding cosmos.

This is all out war on the life force. An attempt to render sterile the very seed from which all life has sprung. From this deception has followed the vast unfolding of a pervasive death cult. A cult whose roots lie in the blatant denigration of the female.

A denigration and sterilization of primal female power, which opened the way for the consequent rise into almost unassailable power of ‘the crypto male’; a (genetically) crippled species whose aims, ideologies and actions are an expression of a dehumanized entity primed to go to war. A war which starts within, due to the ostracizing and demonizing of the female in itself.

But because this denial is itself denied, the war quickly turns outward and becomes a war against humanity and against nature herself. Nature, whose diversity and beauty can only be experienced and celebrated by an animated and healthily balanced female/male principle, freely and joyously at play within each one of us.

Look how this half-man has laid waste to our planet. Unleashing a monotone, monocultural depravity upon the spontaneous biodiversity of nature. Ripping through eons of health embracing plant life and raping our soils of their life giving fertility. Then, as if this wasn’t enough, dispensing a toxic soup of carcinogenic killer sprays over what remains of the life giving properties that form the foundation of the human, animal and insect food chain.

But even then crypto male cannot call a truce; but must go on to genetically modify the DNA of the planetary gene pool itself, so as to stamp his transhumanist predispositions onto the blueprint of elementary life.

All the while, in our societies of denial, these nefarious acts of murder have been declared to be ‘progress’. Examples of ever more ‘efficient’ ways of controlling planetary life, including that of other human beings. Of devising ever more ‘smart’ ways of making sure than nothing, but nothing, escapes the now ubiquitous ‘silent weapons for quiet wars’.

Weapons that symbolize the male in denial of the female within – and without. Crypto man: the ultimate Mr Male; able to perform even an unfeeling act of genocide on his own duality! Wow! Hail to our Rambo! Surely the mark of a REAL man.. Enough, enough – lest I drown in the bottomless pool of my own indignation.

immaculate crop 1But how has the feminine survived at all? How has that which has been under the sword for so long managed to maintain a wick and even a flame, in spite of all?

The answer is that the baton of Real Life has somehow been passed on and on even in the midst of torture and tyranny. The power of the female is irrepressible. She cannot be put down.

Even with every emasculated gun-slung terminator on the planet running on a full tank of dark side adrenalin, female essence cannot be destroyed. But like the medicinal clovers of blessed old cow pastures, grows new leaves and new flowers how ever many times she is reduced to just a seed buried in the tarnished ground.

However, let us not romanticize the true reality of life under the twisted tyrannical regimes that continue to rule our planet. So desperate are they to possess, dominate and control the illusive feminine spirit – the spirit of love – that we have to be super alert to every top down move emanating from their despotic power pyramid. Obsessed as they are with masterminding mechanisms for monitoring every last element of societies’ activities, lest some spark of truth should ignite a rebellion.

A rebellion that would turn the tide on the dominance of controlling mechanisms that ripple on via the deluge of hi-tec interference now proliferating our planet. Even to the extent of distorting the natural Schuman Resonance upon which we all depend in order to establish an inner harmony with universal forces.

But in spite of all these tools of oppression, there is an air of desperation about this frenetic behavior. All is not so well in the crypto male camp. In fact there is a sense of insecurity creeping into its once super dominant New World Order blueprint.

For the sparks of truth are taking-hold, and we men are losing faith in the old model of what it means to ‘be a man’. We are listening to other voices now. Voices that come from another place we had been taught to associate with ‘weakness’, but which in fact turns out to be the place where resides our greatest strength. Our intuitive and receptive nature. Our true guide to a still largely unexplored universe of potentiality.

That is the place where everyday and at all times, we walk amongst the joyous manifestations of truth, and in the blink of an eye, are able to determine that which is fake and that which still manifests as part of the old lie.

For so long the male thought that ‘conquering’ nations; ‘conquering’ nature and then ‘conquering’ space, were the indisputable prerogatives of the male ego. But all of this was the grand illusion of  grand illusions. Aeons of death and destruction and all because of an ingrained fear of the divine female principle. Our guide to deeper truth. The female side of the male.

A fear put in place by forces in whose interests it was (is) to separate and to divide against itself, the essentially inseparable male/female duality which is our Universe.

Due to the extraordinary power that the concept of ‘Immaculate Conception’ held over human society, the emancipation of woman was lost before it could even be begun. And what hope for a realized man without a realized woman to partner him?

What chance of a holistic expansion of homo sapiens when holism itself is neutered at birth?

And woman, for so long accused of being the one to bring man down – or of being a witch because she occasionally expressed her true powers – eventually resorted to imitating the male in an attempt to break free of her chains.

immaculate crop 2But the only chains that got at least partially broken were the one’s that surrounded the male enclave; thus allowing woman to enter this world, but not to enter hers. Sadly much of the feminist movement expressed that entanglement under the slogan ‘women’s liberation’. But the true woman, as with the true man – has no part in that worn old male world – and is still emerging; taking a form which we have glimpsed in bursts of enigmatic and energetic status quo table turning.

In the end, and inevitably, men and women are all entangled in the web of divide, conquer, separate and destroy. The only way out of this is to gain some deeper understanding of this predicament. To recognize it honestly as the central dilemma that it is, and see how this falsehood has infiltrated and taken control of every avenue of daily life on planet Earth.

In writing this, I have tried to explore and expose the powers of the words and symbols that lie behind the heinous disruption of human evolution. And as with my previous articles on closely linked subjects, it is the twin towers of Church and Religion that emerge as the chief controlling influence over doctrines devised specifically to send us on at least a two millenia detour from our original and true trajectory.

Much of humanity has suffered the results: a deliberate poisoning and denaturing of that which is our true guiding force for attaining heightened knowledge and deeper awareness. We have been deviated away from experiencing the acts of inception, procreation and birth as the natural microcosmic mirror of the macrocosmic universal birth cycle. A celebration of God’s profound inventiveness.

No one ever needed, or wanted, a ‘virgin birth’ or an ‘immaculate conception’ to be the unattainable standard bearer for human aspiration. No one ever needed to believe that the loving act of union between man and woman, or between Shiva and Shakti, was in some way sinful.

No one, that is, except that which at some point acquired the need to vampire divine energy so as to sustain its artful and artificial subterfuge. A subterfuge which has gone largely unrecognized (as a subterfuge) by the great swathe of humanity to this day.

Yes, a semantic subterfuge. One achieved by subverting and reversing the meaning of words. Words like ‘virgin’ and ‘immaculate’. And attempting in the process, to trick the human mind into nullifying, sterilizing and rendering obsolete all that which springs from the divine love affair of which we are the human manifestation.

Now we return to this unashamed source of love! Bearing fulsome offerings of gratitude for having been gifted our blessed male and female essence; and the insight, intuition and passion to take this extraordinary planet through the gathering apocalypse, and on to the rebirth of a world swept clean of its blood-bloated vampiric energy thieves.

Yes, onward, onward, onward we go, tasked with nurturing into existence a reawakened world, bursting anew with the liberated joyous exigence of Love Reborn!


Julian Rose
Illustration: Claire Palmer


Julian is a farmer, international activist and writer. He is the the author of the widely acclaimed ‘In Defense of Life’, a persuasive demonstration of how we can take control of our individual destinies and gain new strength in facing-up to the challenges that lie ahead. You can read about and order the book at It can also be obtained from and at independent on line and high street book stores.






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3 Responses to Immaculate Conception –  A Dark Side Deception

    1. Anything which encourages the notion that Christianity is a viable belief system is flawed from the start. All the “Religions of the Book” are inherently anti-life, and should be treated as such. There is NO evidence for the actual existence of Jesus, and plenty of evidence that his whole life story was cobbled together from a mixture of mythology and Byzantine politics. Etc. etc.

      Comment by John MacKinnon on 15 April, 2016 at 9:38 pm
    2. Anything which encourages the notion that Christianity is a viable belief system is flawed from the start. All the “Religions of the Book” are inherently anti-life, and should be treated as such. There is NO evidence for the actual existence of Jesus, and plenty of evidence that his whole life story was cobbled together from a mixture of mythology and Byzantine politics. Etc. etc.

      PS Like the illustration, though.

      Comment by John MacKinnon on 15 April, 2016 at 9:40 pm
    3. Thanks John!
      I think it needs a certain ‘psychedelic’ approach.
      By this I mean a separation from the received story of Jesus (Christmas and Easter being ancient pagan and byzantine events, as you say, repeated over the centuries with multi-messiahs, mainly for the purpose of agrarian civilisations and often superstitious and nefarious festivals) and realising this is an investigation into semantics and how words can control human beings and their destiny. To think outside the organised conventions of teaching and orthodox religions. Jesus was maybe just a metaphor, maybe he was a real life rebel, but maybe it doesnt matter, its the overall wisdom of the teachings that emanated at that time, the same as all great teachers of wisdom down the line, which we should be listening to. Gandhi was wise too, but we dont name the years after him. So what was so special about Jesus that we do name the years after him? Maybe we need proof, and maybe proof is coming. Proof that all religion has been waylaid from the path of truth and love, as the prophets originally intended. This article is about the deliberate exclusion of feminine wisdom down the centuries, and the drastic state of the world because of it. It’s about the lies and deception and destruction that have been done in the name of Jesus, whether he existed or not.

      I think this article goes some way to explain this, very courageously. To show up the deception of feminism, the promise of us having it all, when what it really means is just doing it all (apart from a tiny group of rich and famous). The idea that women have to behave like men to achieve equality, There is no need, as equality between men and women was a given right from the start. Its only acts of narcissism, ego and self interest that have made it otherwise. We dont need an “ism” to tell us our worth. Feminism is like knocking on your own front door and asking for permission for entry.

      We should get back to the balance that was originally intended. This piece of writing is one of the most powerful things Ive read to set humanity free from the centuries of lies enslaving us. It rips down the veil of lies, the true meaning of Apocalypse.

      Bravo Julian. Look forward to your next. 🙂

      Comment by Claire on 16 April, 2016 at 5:51 am

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