Insect Assassins

Injects no survive. Efforts control the
Animal survive. Survive. Animal survive. Survive.
Injects no survive

In nasty spitting eye cost. This
Assassin spitting spitting assassin spitting spitting in
nasty spitting 

Insectivorous nutriment species encounter Charles to
Are species species are species species insectivorous
nutriment species 

Into notoriety. Sweeping eastern capture testimony 
As sweeping sweeping as sweeping sweeping into
   notoriety. Sweeping 

Interest nervous succumb easily: composed tube 
Adhesive succumb succumb adhesive succumb succumb
        nervous succumb 

It near spider East closes thorax.
And spider spider and spider spider it near spider 

Its needle. Specialized enlarged? Cutting tough 
A specialized specialized a specialized specialized its

Is nontoxic secretion extremely contains that 
Assassin-bug secretion secretion assassin-bug secretion
             is nontoxic secretion 

I needle-like snake. Enzymes compound TENDON 
ANCHORING snake, snake, ANCHORING snake,
snake, I 
         needle-like snake, 

INLET not significant, effect cockroach. Thus 
About significant, significant, about significant,
      INLET not significant, 

Insect “natural” surround enzyme constituents time 
After surround surround after surround surround insect

Internal nerve. Sucks especially contents through. 
Against sucks sucks. Against sucks sucks. Internal nerve.

Immediate now share extinguishing controlling them. 
Arises: share share arises: share share immediate now

Insecticide? Needs. Sap; episode. Cimicidae thoroughly 
Attributed sap; sap; attributed sap; sap; insecticide?
Needs. Sap; 

Insects numbing seconds. Each channels. They. 
Accordingly seconds. Seconds. Accordingly seconds.
           Insects numbing seconds.


Jackson Mac Low

From Stanzas for Iris Lezak, published by Something Else Press, 1971.
Copyright © 1972 by Jackson Mac Low.






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    1. Good stuff! From the time of the Pronouns–which is even better stuff. Jesse

      Comment by Jesse Glass on 11 June, 2024 at 11:59 am

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